Is it stupid....

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Is it stupid....

that I am missing being pregnant? I was so tired and miserable, yet I am sad it's over? Especially since I know I will never be pregnant again (had a tubal ligation)

.......... I wish these hormones would go away and I could enjoy life right now.

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Not stupid at all! As miserable as I am feeling now, I know that I am really going to miss this! It is my last too and as much as I can't wait to meet and snuggle a new baby there is something great about having them all to yourself while they are inside you.

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Posts: 631 fact ive been really missing it and still cant believe hes here and still kinda PO that I didnt enjoy it more since its my last-but he came way early unexpectedly so it really caught me off guard

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I miss it too. I cannot even remember my giant belly. Sometimes I feel robbed since I went so early. But it actually worked out for the best for everyone in my family. I had a tubal ligation too. No more babies here. Now we get to enjoy these newborns!!

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I do miss the quiet time with them moving but I don't miss the last two weeks ;). I am grateful to have made it 37 weeks and had the full pregnancy.

It will be our last pregnancy too, so glad I got to share it with you ladies.

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Thanks ladies!!