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Babies still cooking. Magnesium sucks. I'm very drugged up. Contractions finally stopped. Ok
A 3 and 80% with bulging bag of waters. Goal is Wednesday.
Thanks for the prayers. Seriously have never felt so terrible in my life! Mag blows.

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Hey Mama, sending some cooking vibes to your babies! Get some rest! I will keep you guys in my prayers.

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i hope you do make it to 34 weeks but even more so i hope you are somehow able to surpass that

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Hang in there, you are doing great and every day you can keep them in is good. Will be praying for you to make it as far as you need to.


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Sorry the mag is making you feel so terrible. Like Danielle said everyday those babies stay put is good, sending you lots of prayers!

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I have been thinking about you and the babies! Sorry you feel crappy!

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Hope those babies cook longer!!

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