Update on Levi

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Update on Levi

Levi was transferred to a city about 45 min way to the NICU as my hospital doesnt have on yesterday morning. Seems he may have been having seizures as he stops breathing and turns dusky and doesnt move his eyes around while his oxygen levels drop for a few min, then he comes back

They ran some tests and so far everything has come back normal so they are pretty much ruling out seizures now. Seems he may have a bit of sleep apnea and due to whatever position, his airway may narrow a bit making his oxygen level drop and him forget how to breath, seems he may need to mature just a bit i hope. they dont think its anything to serious, i havent talked to a dr yet about it, just nurses and NP. Hes in a basinet now instead of a NICU bed now so i think things will be ok. Hes doing a sleep study now to see what his breathing is like when this happens. Seems his tongue may bget in the way of his airway also which he struggles with but is able to manage around it...

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HUGS. The NICU experience can be scary. They do take it for granted sometimes that big deals to the parents are routine in the NICU.

The apnea events are common in preemies. They will out grow them. It is good news that he is in the open air bassinet!

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Prayers to Levi!

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How scary! Lots of prayers for Levi and hugs to you! My oldest DD was in the nicu with different issues (she was born 6 weeks early). It was not fun!

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sending lot of hugs and prayers your way..Hope Levi gets better

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Sending prayers your way!

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Praying for Levi and your family!! He will do great!!! The NICU seems very scary but they will take excellent care of him! He will be home in no time!

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Hugs and prayers!

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Thinking of you and Levi! Hoping things are going great. ((hugs))