Update us all with what's new!

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Update us all with what's new!

So i just thought i'd check in with you ladies. We all seem to have disappeared since having these lil ones Smile So what's new? As for us....Owen is growing like a weed. He had his 2 month checkup and was 50th % for height, 75% for weight....so he is my chunky monkey Smile He has been a TIGHT swaddling baby...my husband always wrapped him up SO tight every night before bed and he loved it, but this past week he's been totally un-swaddled all night and done equally well so i guess he's grown out of being swaddled already! He's also been more sensitive to us moving around at night and waking up/squirming around so we decided it was time to move him into his own room. He is still sleeping in his bassinet but in his own bedroom now. Thank GOD we have a video monitor so i can at least still see him. I still get my 6am cuddle session after daddy leaves for work too Smile i love those. He's still nursing great and often and smiling quite a bit which is fun. That's about it for us!

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We moved into a big boy crib today!! Finally off 02. oral feeds 3x a day. up to 4#11oz!

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I love early morning snuggles!!! My babies are nursing awesome! We finally got tabdem nursing down. They are sleeping 6-8 hour stretches. Thank the Lord!!!

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We are doing pretty well - we are co-sleeping until they start STTN - we are slowly getting there, probably another month or so. They are taking 4-5 oz every 3-4 hours, sometimes 5 at night. They are smiling more and becoming more content every day. They are a little more high maintanance than I remember my daughter being - but they are cute, so we deal with it. One day at a time!!

I went back to work last week (I'm there now! Smile ) so we are still adjusting to that - my SIL watches them, thank goodness.

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Emma is doing Great! she is feeding 4 and half oz almost 5..she gets her 2 months shots on the 19th Sad she is making all kinds of sounds and coos..she smiles soo much now especially in the morning...she is trying really hard to laugh but cant so ends up making the custest sounds..last time she weighed at 9lbs but I think she is about 11 now..lol..

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So glad to hear Jay is in a big boy bed! He looks great!

Sounds like everyone is doing well. We are to. Levi weighed 11lb 12 oz a month ago at his 2 mos check up-Im guessing hes about 14 now...I think he just went thru his 3 mo spurt-he was going 5 hrs before a feeding and then every 3 hrs at 4oz and then it went to every 2 hr 2 oz then sleeping all the time...i think he may have just reset himself 6 days later last night as he went a 6 hr stretch and then 3 hr before he wanted more so hope the spurts over-going back to every 2 hrs was hard! So he drinks about 22-26oz a day. He loooves to talk, he really loves when you say hi to him. not real fond of tummy time but his head control is getting better slowly, loves to smile for whatever reason when you tell him dont do it, dont smile he cracks up.