Updates and pics!

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Updates and pics!

Thought I'd give some baby fever and post some more pics and updates.
So far all is going great. They are getting off their IV tonight which is one step closer to home. They are just feeders now. Learning to suck swallow breath. Jeremiah is a champ at this. Evie is slower since she's smaller. She will get it eventually. They may come home next week!!! My milk is coming in. There's more each day. It's really hard to stimulate yourself with a pump rather than skin to skin nursing! I am just so thankful that they are doing so well. We are soooo in love! They are the sweetest tiny peanuts! Ok now onto some pics!



Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there. I try to check on you guys during the day but I can't post much.

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So cute!!!! Glad to hear things are going well and progressing! Smile

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They are so precious!! Glad to hear they are doing great and hopefully will come home next week.

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Yah for such awesome progress!!! I do hope you can take them home soon!

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Wow. It is just amazing to me, to look at these pictures and know that I have one of those in my belly right now! Especially the last pic, the way Evie has her legs tucked in and her eyes open. Baby fever? YES! 5 more weeks...
It's great to hear they are doing so well! Are you still in the hospital too? Have Luke & Lily Met the babies yet? I'm so happy for you, they are just so perfect!

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Awww, so cute! Glad things are going so well, I hope they are home soon.

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They are adorable! I am so glad to hear that they are doing so well. I hope they continue to progress and are able to come home with you soon!! Thanks for sharing your babies with us while we wait for our own!

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what lil cutie pies...Im glad they are doing well and comming home soon! yay!!

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Ive been wondering how you are getting on. Glad they are growing, and learning, and glad they are progressing towards coming home! They are sooo cute!!

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Awww they are so sweet!!! Yes, baby fever very much!! lol

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Your babies look beautiful. I'm glad they are doing well and making so much progress!

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