And we have a date

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And we have a date

I am scheduled for Thursday at 7:30 am....we will have the twins here by Thursday mid-day!

Not the ideal birth I was hoping for so maybe this hurricane will turn more toward Texas and help me go into labor on my own!!!!

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Yay! Smile I know not what you wanted but...yay!!! Charge up your camera, want to see lots of pics. Smile

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Yay, can't wait to "meet" those babies!:)

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Yay, glad you will get to meet your babies in a few days!!!

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Erica - will be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope all goes well!

Looking forward to seeing these boys!

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Yay!!! That's the day I was hoping to deliver! It's my dad abd aunt's (twins) bday. Can't wait to see pics. Only a few days and you will be able to breath again! Lol!!!

Erica- woo hoo!! Hope all goes perfectly!!

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Yay for having a date!! That is so super soon. Can't wait to meet the babies!!

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good luck! cant wait to see pics!

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Good luck sweetie!! can't wait to see the pics Smile