We are having babies next month!!!

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We are having babies next month!!!

I am so excited that August is here. Before I hated telling people that I am due in September because it always felt so far away. But now it is next month!! Yay!!

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Can you believe it! It is quite possible that several will be born this month too! I am thinking (slightly hoping) that I will be one of those--most of my babies have been 2-3 weeks early.

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Crazy! My doctor wants me to get to 36 weeks for sure - which is a week from this Saturday! I'm sure I will have the boys in August - I *think* I'm ready!!! Smile I know my body is!

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I am so glad it is August! Can't wait to start meeting these babies!

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I am so ready! I was never this uncomfortable with my girls, they were all up higher but this boy is so low he makes it miserable to sit, stand, walk, lay down, you get the picture. On the bright side I'm not having any trouble breathing yet Smile I still have 5 weeks, more than likely 6, as all my girls were late, 2 out of 3 of them were a week late.

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I'm readyyyyyyy! BRING IT!!! woot woot LOL! Smile

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Yes! I deliver THIS month! Aug 29th or 30th! Woo hoo! So close!!!

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Hahaha, the first thing I said to Jason this morning was, "we're having a baby next month!". I've been getting so excited with all the action on the August board. I'm still feeling really good most of the time, but I am ready to meet her.