What changes in a year

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What changes in a year

Wow. Im going to do a bit of reflecting for a moment if you will tolerate it-So much has happened in the last year. Last Aug I got pregnant, and almost a year ago-will be on the 23rd, we realized it went to heaven. Got a D&C-Had way to many complications from that, had a condom break so we took that a a sign to start trying, even though we were going to wait another month-and got pregnant on our first try in Dec with Mr. Levi, who decided to come early, he was supposed to be here when i turned 29, but made his appearance in the last 5 days I was 28. Had a NICU stay. Now we are coming up on the anniversary of the precious angel who is in heaven and Im trying not to get to worked up thinking about it, but it is in the back of my mind, esp since Levi has a birth mark on his arm, and someone once told me that birth marks are kisses from angels-and its hard not to think that maybe my angel kissed my new angel. Esp since I watched long island medium (anyone else really?) and the recent one i watched had a baby girl pass that told Theresa to tell her grandmother that a little bit of that baby who was stillborn is in the new baby. Wow. Well anyway-so much has changed, and a few people who arent in my life anymore due to their drama and crazy headed ness and what a mean people they are, to now-today-my due date with levi. And here me and my hubby are-6 yrs married last sunday-2 precious sons, 1 angel baby-complications from 2 different surgeries in a yrs time and my last yr of my 20s. Wouldnt change it.

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its amazing how things can change! I'm glad you feel so blessed and content despite the hardships :). I had a miscarriage the month before getting pregnant with owen, and then owen arrived 3.5 weeks early, just after our angel baby's duedate :)...makes u think...

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Everything we go through makes us who we are.

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What a year! And you got such a precious gift out of it all!

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What a year! I remember feeling sad when you had your loss last year. I'm glad you have little Levi now. I wonder what the next few years will bring.