**Lurker** Thanks Danielle!

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**Lurker** Thanks Danielle!

Just wanted to say "Thanks, Danielle" for the awesome belly pics on your September space! I am living vicariously through you while I wait for my next BFP :ROFL::kaos3: I really love the way you are using the fruit as a reference for the size of the baby Smile

Are you or is your DH a professional photographer? Because those photos are amazing!

Looking forward to the next installment Wink

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They're pretty cool!! Love them too.

pico83 (not verified)

I love the photos, too! I can't wait to see you trying to hold a watermelon up to your belly when you're 9 months pregnant. Wink

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Thanks ladies!

DH does as I say.. but I wouldn't say I'm a "professional". I'm working on getting a photography certificate though, because one day I would like to be. Wink