1st prenatal appt with my OB

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1st prenatal appt with my OB

I had a great appt with my OB today. I got to hear LO's heartbeat--one of the best sounds IN THE WORLD!!! It was good and strong. She's going with Sept 8 as my EDD. So instead of being 9 weeks, she's got me at 10.5. Because I know the conception date, I'm going to continue tracking it myself as I have been.

I had to have a c-sec with the twins because Alaina was sitting on the exit. I really want to have a VBAC, so we spoke about that today. She feels like I am a good candidate for it, and is happy to do it. So what this means for me-- absolutely no induction. I either go into labor, or I have a c-sec. Originally she said the c-sec would happen at 41 weeks. I asked if it came down to that for her to base it off of my conception date as opposed to my LMP. She said she was fine with that, but it would make it 39 weeks. I think that means I have until around Sept 25... It also means that I need to go to the hospital at the first sign of labor. No laboring at home for this momma.

I'll need to be hooked up to monitors as much as possible, because she said that the first sign of a problem (impending incision rupture..) will be for the baby's heart rate to drop. I can get up to go to the bathroom as long as my water hasn't broken, but that's pretty much it. So... as much as I want to do this without an epidural, I don't know how I'll do not being able to move around to help things along. I'm open to having one, but will try without it. Hopefully labor will be relatively quick for me then. I have confidence I can handle it as long as it doesn't go on for days. Wink

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Wonderful news, Danielle! I'm so thrilled to hear the your LO is doing well. Good luck with the VBAC!