anyone else?

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anyone else?

I'm pretty sure I have been feeling the baby lately. I feel this tiny little thumps and bumps for the last week or so. I believe I started feeling my DD around 17 or 18 weeks. I have heard that you can feel a 2nd and up pregnancy sooner but this seems really early. I have an OB apt on the 11th and I'm hoping they pull out an ultrasound machine!

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I'm pretty sure I've been feeling baby lately too. Though, what I'm feeling is a lot different than with DD. With DD, it was the typical "butterfly" feeling but this one is more like a shift in weight in my lower belly. I've also felt a few bumps but nothing regular or predictable yet. I can't wait for that part! Smile

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Yes!! I've been feeling little nudges for a few weeks now. Definitely not gas. Best feeling ever Smile

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I've had a few times that I've also felt what seemed like shifting weight, but no flutters yet.

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Oh yes!! Maybe it is because it is my third but I have definitely been feeling the baby. Its not a lot but I have felt the thumps. One day I was laying on the coach sideways and started feeling it, so I grabbed my DH hand and put it on the spot and he felt it! It doesn't happen everyday but it is amazing when it does!