Is anyone else having Morning sickness already?

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Is anyone else having Morning sickness already?

This was my first hint that I was pregnant. I would get sick a couple times a day, and I have since a week ago. It's getting really frustrating. At least it's not all day everyday like my first. But it's still pretty sucky.

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I haven't really had any symptoms so far, except for being exhausted all the time. I hope the m/s stays mild, or goes away completely soon for you.

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Thanks. Im hoping it's only a first tri thing this time.

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Mine still comes and goes but when it's here it been getting stronger. Not my favorite part.

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I've had m/s since about 4.5 weeks. Last pg it was really bad and I tried not to take medicine. But I was also at home and could lay down most of the day. That is not a luxury I have this time. I called my OB's office and had them call me in the type of Zophran that disolves on your tounge, after a friend suggested it. Last time I took phegren (sp?) and would occasionally throw it up right after. It's been a miracle drug for me. I feel mostly normal during the day now. I do still get nauseous around food at times, but overall it's a night and day difference. I was sick until around 20 wks last time... hoping the 1st tri will see the end of it this time.

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I definitely have some queasiness until about 2pm every day, but it's pretty mild and I haven't actually puked yet. I've gotten off pretty easy before in the m/s regard, and that seems to be the case this time, too. As long as I keep something in my tummy all the time, I seem to be fine.

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Yep that's what made me think I was pregnant. I was getting sick off the smell of my patients. It's off and on all day long. I'm SO tired! This time I can't be tired and just lay around lol

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It's pretty sucky, but i found I adore saltines rn.

I also began spotting yesterday,and its freaking me out. I also started itching horribly. My palms and wrist