Anyone having cravings?

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Anyone having cravings?

Am I crazy or should I chalk it up to being a fatty? But I swear I have had a few cravings with this baby. I wanted a cadbury egg yesterday. Normally I don't really like those at all but yesterday I really wanted one so hubby went late and bought me a 4 pack. I think it's really early to be blaming the baby. Lately I have wanted salad from chickafila also. At least that's healthy :rolleyes:

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Smile no cravings yet, but hey it's never to early to blame the baby for wanting special things to eat!! I have eaten a lot of salad myself and not just any salad a huge salad with all the toppings.

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LOL same here but I always enjoy salads anyways. But I really load that thing up with the works!

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I've really been into pickles lately. ROFL I've also been into comfort foods. With DD I was all about fruits and veggies. Hopefully that will be the same this time.

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I wouldn't really say that I have "cravings". But there will be times that I'm trying to figure out what I would like to eat that the thought of doesn't make me feel sick. Once I think of something, it's all that sounds good at the time. With the exception of wanting lemon in my water..... something I usually can't stand.

It was this way for me last time, too. Most things made me sick, so when I'd find something that wouldn't, I'd eat it for a while. Once I got tired of it, I had to find something new.

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That is funny that so many of us are craving salads. Cause I am too!! I want a salad fully loaded with bacon, croutons, cheese...oh I want some now and I don't have any Sad
Besides that I have been craving fruits and sausage, egg and cheese biscuits in the mornings. And NO it is not to soon to blame the baby for these craving cause usually I don't even eat breakfast much less a biscuit!

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Ok glad I'm not going crazy. I made a grilled cheese and ham with pineapple! It was really GOOD!

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Not so much cravings, I just feel like eating more savoury types of foods, where as I'm usually a bit sweet tooth. It's mainly unhealthy stuff too :oops: