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Seems like we are all being told that he/she is coming soon. They moved up my 36 weeks appointment to yesterday. My levels were all off again. She upped my tyroid meds and started me on B12 shots. She measured the baby with ultrasound because I voiced my concern since I have lost weight and not gained any. The baby seems to be doing well, she's 5lbs 11oz which might be a bit off but I will be happy if she's 6lbs when born. She put me on light duty for work but work pulled out me. So now it's time to just get the last stuff done. I haven't packed my bag yet. She did say the word "Induce" which I'm not keen on at all.

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Come on 6 lbs!!! Smile

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Ultrasounds can be off at times. When I had DD they told me at 37 weeks (attempting a version) that she was 8 1/2 lbs. when I had her at 39w1d she was 7 lbs 7 oz. and it can go either way too (baby was bigger than estimated). Here's hoping for 6+ lbs!

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Come on six pounds!!!!

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Come on 6 lbs. Smile I hope you don't have to be induced since it's something you're hoping to avoid.