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My name is Oris I have used with my last pregnancy, and I loved it!! I am still facebook friends with some of the today. Such a great way to meet wonderful mommies!! I am a mother to five beautiful children, although four are no longer babies any more and my shining star is two.

I found out two weeks ago that I am expecting Smile to say the least I am so shocked!!! My husband will be away on business until this little one is due. My due date Sept 5 or 9. I have my initial appointment on Tuesday to take blood, and then on Thursday I have to meet the midwife whom I actually love and have used several times before, the nutritionist, and schedule an u/s. I have been feeling sick off and on and have some stomach discomfort, but I am just leaving it all up to God. I am currently in college to be a nurse practitioner so to say the least this little bean was not expected. I hope I can stay here HH9M to all and sticky vibes as well!!!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to September! Wishing you a HH9M!

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Congrats and welcome! I think are few of us from this board were shocked to be pregnant lol

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Welcome Smile I'm due oct 5th but since I have to have csec this will most likely be a end of sept baby. Which is awesome because my birthday is also in sept!!

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Congrats and welcome! HH9M!

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Welcome to the group. And if it helps you feel better, I was supposed to return to school this september.. bean has other plans. I'll probably go winter semester.

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Thank you all!! Very nice to meet you all

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Congratulations! If you're due on the 5th, we share a due date, and our youngest kids are only a couple weeks apart, I figure.