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Appt today

So I had my appt today, for first time in any of my pregnancies I'm dilated! It's only to a two but I never have been in the past so its exciting for me. My next appt is Tuesday of next week. He did a very stressful pelvic exam where he checked how low baby was and stretched me some. So far no bleeding but its contraction city for me today. The worse part is the stronger contractions are in my back Sad
On a bright note I got to see LO on an ultrasound again today and he is weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz. The Dr told me that if tomorrow or Thursday I'm still having contractions to come in no appt needed for him to check me and hopefully I will be in labor and he can send me over to hospital. Who knows ...still think I might make it to next week thou.

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That's exciting. I was 1 cm and 25% effaced at 36 weeks and that was exciting because I never dilated with DD either. I've been having a lot of BH and pressure lately, Im really curious to see if its doing anything. My next appointment is on Friday. Our LOs are going to be here really soon! Smile are you hoping to go in the next few days or next week?

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Well i was ready to go at any point until today! My DH came home sick, he is running fever and throwing up so needless to say I'm hoping to hang in there until he is better.

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OOh no the worse time to catch a cold! I hope he feels better. Let's of soup and hot tea with some rest and hopefully in a day or two he feels better

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Oh man! I hope he feels better soon. But how exciting nonetheless! Smile

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Hope DH's better soon and the germs stay away from you!

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Woohoo!!! And boo to DH being sick