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Appt update

Well, I had my first OB appointment yesterday and we got to see the baby! Smile Everything is looking good and measuring on track for LMP so EDD is September 22. We even got to see and hear the heartbeat. Smile And my doc gave me Zofran to help with the sickness. I was finally able to eat a solid meal last night and keep it down. It's been 6 days since I was able to eat something other than liquids. I am having the headache side effect though, but it's not too bad and I'm trying to drink more water (thanks to the zofran I actually can now) so hopefully the constipation doesn't get too bad. Next appointment is March 15 when I have my NT scan and my doc appointment on the same day! Can't wait to see LO again!

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Yay! Everything sounds great. Congrats.

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Very cool to see the little one so early and he/she is doing well! Glad you are able to keep dinner down!

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Sounds like everything is perfect! It must feel so nice to be able to eat something!