Big ultrasound was on Friday

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Big ultrasound was on Friday

Oh, how I love to watch a little one on the u/s screen! Baby was doing well, and everything looks great. I'm measuring right on for the new due date of August 30. We are team green, so no gender reveal here...sorry Smile The tech said when you have 2 boys that you have an 84% chance at a 3rd boy. That seems extremely high bias for a 3rd boy compared to what I've read, but I'll ask my Dr about it next time, assuming I remember to.

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84% Holy moly. I'm in trouble then Wink
Glad everything went well with your ultrasound. Great news.

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Glad to hear everything is going well.

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Glad the app went well! Smile I know more people with two boys followed by a girl than I do those with three boys... My family being one of them. I'm the youngest with two older brothers. In the end it all comes down to luck of the draw anyway.