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Yay, the provera worked!! New cycle starts today! Now starting clomid on Wednesday, and HSG between Thurs and the next wednesday. Phew. Nervous and excited!! Smile

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Wishing you all the best for a successful cycle!! Yay for CD1!!

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Yay! So happy it worked for you! Good luck this cycle! Sending you many, many BFP vibes Biggrin

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Good luck!

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Good luck, Susan! Everything's crossed!

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Good luck! I hope the Clomid helps and the HSG shows clear tubes Smile

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Thank you ladies! Trying not to get my hopes too sky high, but that's hard Smile im just happy to be trying something new that might work!

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Good luck!! I hope this is it for you!! Smile

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Thank you!

HSG scheduled for this Thursday at 9 am. *Fingers crossed* I'm nervous!

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How exciting!!!! Wooohoo for Christmas conceptions!!

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