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How was your anatomy scan? Any news? Smile

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Woohoo! Hope all went well.

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Sorry ladies it's not till the 30th! I still have 2 more days....very long days!!!

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I'm having a BOY!!!!! I saw you are also. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

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Those of you getting your scans already make me sooooo jealous. Even though Im exactly where Hopin is, my ob wants to wait a few more weeks. Im so anxious.

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I'm actually surprised they scheduled mine so early. Last time I had to wait about a week and half later than this time. ((BIGHUGS)) It can be so hard to wait sometimes. I have a feeling I'm going to be like that in September if I get to VBAC. Both this one and DD was a later in the month baby so everyone started to pop out their LOs and I was still waiting.