Collin Marshall is here!

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Collin Marshall is here!

I'll be back later to share the story and some pictures, but our new SON came into the world at 11:27 last night weighing 8 lbs 14 oz. Smile I did have a VBAC with no pain meds! But due to a prolonged heart rate drop, we had to move very fast. I had him 5 min after I hit 10cm and have 3rd degree tears. But he's worth it.

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OOh congrats to a healthy baby BOY! Happy to hear it went well!

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Congrats mama and WTTW Collin! I'm so excited for you that you got your vbac and a healthy baby boy! Yahoo can't wait to see pics!

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I was about to come update for you but I see it's working! Congratulations again mama!

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Aaarrrgghhhhhh!!!!! I'm so excited for you I could jump up and down.....but won't, or should I say, can't.

Congratulations. I'm absolutley over the moon for you and your VBAC. So so happy for you. Looking forward to hearing more.

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Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pics.