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A few more days and it will be Sept!!!!! Do we have any babies that are due the first week in Sept? I had an appt yesterday, but she did not tell me anything other than see you in a week everything looks fine. I have 22 more days!!! yeah come on babies!!!

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I'm not due till the 20th but have been told won't go past the 13th. My next appt is sept 3rd so we shall see if baby has made any progress. I must saying I'm feeling pretty crummy about now. Lots of pressure, BH and tired. Here's to the last stretch!!! Smile

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Not actually due til Oct 1st, but have been having pretty intense BH's, having regular contrax this evening and a good bit of pressure too. Things will definitely be happening soon on the board! Very exciting Smile

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Not due till the 21st so we will see. Next appointment is sept 6. Last week I totally thought he was going to come early with all the cramps and such but that has calmed down now so who knows. It's the final countdown.....do do dot doooo.....do do dot do do... ROFL

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I am not due until the 19th. I have been having a lot of BH too! I hope she decides to make her entrance soon. I can barely walk at times. I can't wait until some one posts that they are in labor!!! Smile

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It's September! According to our sticky, Veronica (ajmsmommy) was due Friday (Aug 30) followed by Jess (JK2010) on Sept 10. I had my due date as Sept 18 based on my BBT chart/when I believe I O'd. However, I believe my chart says Sept 11 or 13. Friday was my last day at work. So now I just have to finish getting things ready and wait.