First obstetrician appointment....ever! xp

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First obstetrician appointment....ever! xp

For my boys I used the public system and had midwives for their deliveries, but this time we have moved. I've worked with her and have also had a gynae procedure done with her and she's lovely. So I thought why not continue this journey with her. I have my first appointment with her on Monday and I'm a bit nervous. What happens at them? I need to talk to her about my fear of having a C-section. :o

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Well I used midwives as well but because my last pregnancy I had high blood pressure at the end I was forced to go see an OBGYN. Honestly basicilly the same thing. My initial visit was to draw blood, HIV screening, nutritionist, and intake with the nurse. My official visit with the OBGYN she did a pap smear talked about my worries and listened to the babies heart beat. She discussed me seeing a genetic doctor because I am 37 and that;s about it.

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The first appt the dr pretty much just talks to you. Mine does a urine test.. Blood tests come later. Of course they take your blood pressure. Mine always measures my uterus and lets us hear the baby's hub on the Doppler.