First of two!

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First of two!

Today my co-workers are throwing me a baby shower! It was a surprise and I'm sure it will be nice. Tomorrow my sister is throwing me a baby shower but I'm sure it will be smaller since most of the people I invited with, I work with! I also have my 3D/4D ultrasound planned for today. I can't wait to see what this little girl looks like. I had one with my first daughter but she was measuring so small the 3D pictures never turned out well. This one is growing on target if not a little big!

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Sounds exciting!! I did not want a shower or a sprinkle, but my mom and children threw me a little something. I got so many things. I also had a 3D scan of my lil girl, but she would not get off my placenta so that I could get a good look, but she did show off her girlie parts clean as can be. Enjoy yourself and I hope you get what you want and need.