First U/S - NT scan

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First U/S - NT scan

I had my NT scan on Wednesday and everything looks good so far. HB was 145 and baby was very active. The tech gave me an EDD of August 30, so 6 days ahead of what I thought. Strictly by ovulation, I don't think Aug 30 is possible, but I'll run with it so I don't have to keep counting on 2 different calendars. That puts me at 14w2d now.

I have a Dr appt tomorrow and hope to hear the HB, finally!

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Aug 30 is my birthday!! whoohoo

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That is awesome! I have my NT scan next week. Smile

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Yay! Congrats!

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Thanks! I did hear the HB on Monday. It was in the 150's, and Dr said she wants to go with the new due date. I was kind of shocked when she said she'd schedule my big u/s next time I see her, but then of course I'll already be over 18 weeks. How crazy is that? Time flies, sometimes!

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Sounds great!

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That all sounds great. So glad you got to hear the heart beat. I'm hanging for that.