Goodbye :(

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Goodbye :(

Farewell everyone. I unfortunately miscarried today. :cry:

I've been spotting since the ultrasound on Monday but I didn't worry about it until I started cramping this morning. I was about to call the doc when he called me to tell me that my progesterone levels on Monday had dropped since the first blood tests on 1/18. He told me that the dropping levels usually heralded an impending miscarriage but by then it had already started. I have been cramping and bleeding very badly since about 3pm today.

Good luck to you all and lots of sticky, sticky vibes to everyone.

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Roxi, I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of healing vibes and good luck for when you're ready to try again. BTW, I found the TTCAL board really supportive after my loss a few years ago.

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Thanks, ajmsMommy. I will pop in there.

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I'm so sorry Roxi. Sending you lots and lots of big hugs!

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Im so sorry. *sends hugs and love*I'll keep you in my prayers.

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I'm so so sorry... I just went thru one around thanksgiving.... How horriable. I know there's nothing we can say to make u feel better. You will be in my prayers and I'll pray god gives u another baby soon.

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Sad :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry to hear that.