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It has been a bit slow lately, so why don't we do a little get to know you!

How far along are you?:
How are you feeling?:
Are you excited/nervous about anything?:
Something to share:

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I'll start Smile

Name/SN: Carolyn
FTM or BTDT?: BTDT mommy. DD just turned 2 last December
How far along are you?: 4w4d
How are you feeling?: morning sickness is kicking in more regularly now. Didn't happen with DD till after 6 weeks. Sad And I almost lost dinner last night. Not my favorite part.
Are you excited/nervous about anything?: my first appointment is on Feb 5 and we get an ultrasound so I'm excited about that. Also, I just want to get out of the 1st trimester and feel more "safe" I guess.
Something to share: This is my 5th year teaching, currently in 1st grade and I love it. Though, I'm hoping to transition to a SAHM after this LO is born.

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Name/SN: Roxzanne
How far along are you?: by my calculations I'm 4w2d but we will get confirmation on Friday
How are you feeling?: So far the only thing I've had is extreme fatigue. I've slept the last 2 weekends away without feeling rested, (or becoming "zombified" as I call it when I over-nap and feel zonked and horrible)
Are you excited/nervous about anything?: Excited and nervous about EVERYTHING! Can't wait to tell the families but DH is insisting we wait for the Spina Bifida test because I'm taking Lamictal for Bipolar disorder and it increases the risk.
Something to share: DH is going to take a photo of me every day of my pregnancy and we're going to turn it into a high-speed slideshow Biggrin

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Name/SN: Danielle
FTM or BTDT?: BTDT - Alaina and Aiden just turned two on Dec 29. Smile
How far along are you?: 5 weeks
How are you feeling?: Also feeling the morning sickness kick in and it didn't start until around 6 weeks before. Last night I had to go to bed early cause I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I didn't want to get out of bed this morning.
Are you excited/nervous about anything?: Excited to be pg! More so that we were able to do it without meds + IUI! Nervous about the high betas--- makes me think I could be having identical twins. We have an u/s scheduled for next Wed, so hopefully we'll know then. Smile
Something to share: Besides this pg, I'm looking forward to moving into the house we are having built. Should be ready in April-- just in time for us to get settled before I'm too far along to do much good. Smile

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Name/SN: Veronica
FTM or BTDT?: This is #3. I have 2 DS aged 2 and 5.
How far along are you?: 7w2d.
How are you feeling?: Very light morning sickness, totally exhausted, but otherwise good.
Are you excited/nervous about anything?: All this talk of twins makes me nervous! I am really excited to have a baby again, as my boys are growing way too fast.
Something to share: DH finished his PhD in the fall and is job hunting, so it's likely we'll have a long distance move just before or immediately after baby is born. This is not completely new, as we moved to Germany when DS2 was 7 weeks, but it's a little nervewracking. I'm a professional ballroom dancer.