Had an appt on Friday

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Had an appt on Friday

I had an appt on Friday. Based on the date my doctor is using, I was 37 weeks. I am measuring 39 weeks. LO is head down and weighs around 5 lbs 15 oz. I have been having BH pretty regularly throughout the day and feeling some pressure and back pain off an on the past few days. My OB is giving me the impression she doesn't think I'll last until my due date, so I'll be starting my maternity leave Sept 2.

I know I will be happy to be at home getting stuff together for LO's arrival, but I hope it won't be too much longer before LO is here. I really want to spend as much time WITH my kiddos while on leave.

I'm starting to feel like a FTM again... It really looks like I will be able to have the VBAC I've been wanting. I haven't done the research I should have done, because I was scared LO wouldn't turn or there would be some reason I'd have to have a c-sec again. I bought 2 books yesterday and am 1/2 way through the 1st. All last night I dreamed that I was in labor and everything went smoothly. I hope it is a good sign. I haven't been anxious about it at all until now.

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I'm sure everything will be fine. Enjoy your time with your babies they grow so fast. I'm not measuring big but my baby is 6lbs 1 oz already with the biggest cheeks ever just like her sister. Soon it will all be over. I've been nesting but instead of cleaning which I did too I coupon. I've been getting my diapers for under $4 a pack.

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Wow Danielle, I'm glad everything's looking good. Enjoy your time with the kids, I've been doing the same.