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Hi I was just wondering if anyone else is suffering with these? My head seems to hurt all the time and nothing helps them . If you get them what helps you guys to ease them??


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I had a mother of a headache on Monday but I just waited it out.

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How much water are you drinking? Yesterday I only drank about half the amount I have been and got a horrible headache. Sad maybe try upping your water intake?

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I agree about the water. But I remember having headaches pretty regularly during the first tri last time and I was drinking 100+ oz a day. Could just be a symptom for you. I tried not to take anything last pg. But this time I'm dealing with two two-year olds, too. So I'll take Tylenol if it's bothering me.

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My headaches are killing me. But I'msleeping very weird so Im attributing it to that