Hiya ladies!

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Hiya ladies!

So I am thinking I *might* be here. We were going to JLIH for January... but I O'ed a few days later than I have been lately, and we ended up DTD the day before and after O. I had some pink spotting last night and this morning at 5 DPO. I am going to try and wait to test till Saturday, which will be 11 DPO.
We have DS who is 2.5. He is a super sweet, cuddley and crazy kiddo. And he is recently in baby mode. We left the house the other day, he asked if we were going to see a baby.... he melts my heart! DH and I have been married 6.5 years, together 10.5 and we are about to purchase another home. So busy busy time if we caught this eggie!!! Anyways, hope you dont mind me hanging out for a few days ... maybe a few months.

Ps- anyone from my other boards, no FB comments.

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Hi Sara! We were on the thinking of conceiving board together a few months ago. Good luck this month! I'm hopping to wait till Friday to test but we will see. Hahaha.

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yes! Ohhh looks like we are testing maybe the same day... I really want to test friday but I am holding out. Mainly so I am not hiding a secret all day friday at work! haha

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Good luck! Lol about hiding a secret at work. I've spilled the beans already and I'm not even 6 weeks!

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Good luck... Fingers crossed for you!

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Good luck!