How is everyone?

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How is everyone?

Anyone still pregnant having any niggles at all?
How are you feeling in general?

How are all the new mumma's out there?

I have been a bit flat the last few days. I think it's mainly because we've been holed up at home. The boys are on school holidays now and tomorrow we'll be out so hopefully that might pep me up a bit. I also think that it's because I'm having hardly any contractions anymore. I kind of felt like things were slowly moving along in the last few weeks, and now that it's all stopped, maybe I'm a little bummed. I mean, I'm quite happy to not go into labour for a week or so, but I kind of enjoyed having them. Hahahaha, has anyone heard of someone missing contractions?!?!?! Weirdo.

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40 weeks 2 days here and still pregnant. :confused: lost my mucos plug on Sunday morning but not really much since then. I had some timetable contractions for about 2 hours Saturday night but they disappeared with a warm shower. I'm trying to stay positive but it gets harder and harder each day. I'm ready to get this show on the road.

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We're doing alright here. Collin eats like a champ and has surpassed his birth weight. For the past 2 nights he's given me a good 4.5 hr stretch. I actually had to wake him up when I realized what time it was. Until he hits 2 weeks I really didn't want to go longer than the recommended 4 hrs at night. But I know he's grown and has been having plenty of wet and poopy diapers, and this momma needed sleep.

It's rough not being able to pick A&A up for another 4.5 weeks.. I feel like I'm missing out with them.