how are you all doing??

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how are you all doing??

Was just laying here trying to sleep... Well that's a bust, so I thought I would see how you ladies are all doing?

For me I am exhausted.. and my 11 month old still doesn't sleep through the night. Other than that I'm hungry all the time, and I've been getting a lot of headaches that I usually don't get.

I'm definitely still in shock, and probably will be till it really sinks in because it still feels surreal to me. I'm curious to sehow this pregnancy is going to go because all three of mine have been different... So I guess we will wait and see.

Hope you are all doing great!!

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Im exhausted, hungry all the time, nauseous, itchy, and worried that im spotting. I too barely slept last night.

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I'm exhausted too, and now I'm getting sick. I have a colleague who's been sick for 2 weeks and on the weekend was coughing so hard there was blood coming up. I'm REALLY hoping that's not what I'm getting! As for sleeping, it's not too bad, except I have to get up to pee a couple times and DS2 usually wakes up at least once. I'm starting to get those crazy spicy dreams pg ladies are so famous for, so REM sleep is good Smile

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Well, I've been sick for 2 weeks now and I'm miserable! It started with a horrible cough (which still hasn't gone away) and now I've developing a full blown sinus infection. I'm coughing so much it's making me get sick. But other than that, morning sickness still comes and goes which makes me a little nervous. My appointment is next week so I think I'll feel a little more comfortable with the pregnancy if everything goes ok then.

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Def have ms. I'm already taking Zofran so I can function at work. I'm still getting over a sinus infection that I developed right as I found out I was pg. I've been having a hard time falling asleep at night, but haven't had the energy to do anything but lay in bed. When I do sleep I'm mostly just dreaming crazy dreams. I actually think I got some good rest from about 2-6 last night.

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So far I feel pretty good. I am really hungry all the time and I need a nap every afternoon. So far so good :). I feel for those of you who have bad morning sickness.

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No morning sickness for me yet. Had a couple moments of nausea but very fleeting and far between. I'm very tired all the time and spend most of my weekends sleeping.