I'm back, with a surprise!

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I'm back, with a surprise!

Hello lovely September ladies.

I originally signed up for this website with the username "CaliforniaLove" and I don't know what happened, but that account got deleted :confused: My SIL (who is also expecting) had recommended a certain other birth board website, but that place was not for me, so I'm back here!

When I last posted here, my story up to that point is that I had been TTC off and on for a few years, struggling along the way with endometriosis and thyroid issues. This was my first cycle with Clomid and IUI, with two nice eggs that developed. I got a BFP at 3w3d I believe, and my HCG levels nearly quadrupled in two days.

Since then, I have had ultrasounds with my RE at about 6w and 8w (most recent one was on Valentine's day). Both times, we saw very healthy TWINS :wootjump:

I've gotten over my initial shock and now I'm just excited! I feel very lucky that not only have many family members offered to help, but MIL lives with us and will be able to help out a lot. I know we will need all the help we can get.

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Congratulations! Yahoo that is wonderful news! Welcome back! I've visited a few other BB and they were just horrible! I've never seen a group of women be that mean before, well not since high school ROFL no seriously, I've loved being on pg.org since my dd. the ladies here are so nice and supportive. I actually still regularly talk switch several of the ladies from my dd board.

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Welcome back and CONGRATS!! I so happy to hear you managed to overcome all of the obstacles! Looking forward to stalking you and the twins Smile while I wait for my BFP.

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*lurker from Oct 13*

Congrats!!! That's so exciting Smile Good luck!

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Congrats!!!! Im very happy to our group growing!

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Congratulations! What fantastic news after trying for so long. I remember you from a few years back, I think.

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Welcome and Congrats!!! HH9M! Smile

I have twins as a result of IUI and injectibles. If you need twin advice, I'll be happy to share what I can. Wink

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Happy to have another soon to be mommy to our board. Twins will be fun! Glad they are doing well already!!

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Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes!

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Awesome news!!! Congratulations Smile

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Congrats!!!! Twins ! Welcome back.