I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER!

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I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER!

Sad another day and no labor! I'm trying to stay positive but each day gets harder. This stinks. This baby needs to come out!

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Is there anything happening at all? Are you doing anything to help him along?
You can do this!!! ((((hugs)))))

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I know how hard those last few days are...the waiting is unbearable, but I promise you really will NOT be pregnant forever! My DD1 came at 41+1 and my only regret was getting SO worked up about pushing myself into labor--I actually think it made everything much more difficult and take longer than if I'd been able to just relax and wait for her to decide it was time. (((hugs))) Do whatever you have to do to get some rest and get your mind off of the WHEN!?!?!?! Baby is coming!