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Hello, this is my first post on this account. I used to have another account on here a couple years ago, which I used to post mainly on the TTC board. I have been TTC off and on for over 2 years now. This last cycle was my first time with Clomid and IUI, and now...

I'm pregnant!:cool:

I was supposed to test tomorrow, but I took an FRER last week and it was positive. The nurse sounded a little annoyed that I called it in (sheesh, it's my first BFP, now I know for next time to wait). But they ordered HcG tests, and I got 115 on Thursday, and 411 today, so it is confirmed!


I'm so excited, and I'm still in shock. I'm already feeling a bit queasy, and I'm very exhausted (which I know from last cycle is from taking Progesterone, which will continue for the entire first trimester :-x).

This really means a lot to me. I've been through a lot in the past couple years, including crazy thyroid issues and endometriosis, and just mentally getting over it. I really hope this little guy sticks, but for now, I know for sure that I can get pregnant, so I'm more like a normal woman.

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Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! I will be praying for a sticky bean for you!!

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Congrats! Wishing you a HH9M! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

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Congrats and welcome! HH9M! I understand how you feel. We had a time TTC our twins and were finally successful after our 3rd IUI + injectables. It's a great feeling to know you actually can get pg. I'm still in shock that we did it on our own this time. It feels less real to me. After we have the first ultrasound though (tomorrow!), hopefully it will bring it all home.

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Congrats and welcome! Sending sticky vibes!