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I'm the first one here........

DH and I have not been preventing but not really trying so hard for the last few months( I just went back to work after in August 2012 after being laid off for three year) We are still trying to do things in the natural way( no clomid, injection, etc)I'm starting Maca powder, Spirulina powder and Progesterone cream(since I have mild PCOS and one of my problems is low progesterone)....also have been trying to lose weight in the process..........yeah for the wt loss so far(smile).......................DH is losing wt as well and eating healthier...September would be awsome since my second pregnancy would have been born in September( lose through M/C).....we are going to do our part and the rest is up to GOD and his timing!!!!.... Good Luck to everyone......

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It is great you are getting so healthy before hand. Good Luck.

Just 2 more months before we start trying. I'm so excited. Smile