Must haves?

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Must haves?

Anyone thinking about the "Must Haves" for their new little one? We have to get a new nursery of course. He/she will have to have their own set. We will need 2 new car seats because my DD is almost grown out of her carrier and my hubby and mother both need a big car seat for their cars. Also going to need another high chair. If this one turns out to be a girl, I'm set on clothes. But if it's a boy, I get to go clothes shopping....yeaahhh:D

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I haven't started thinking about that yet. It's too overwhelming. I'm still trying to figure out where the LO will go seeing as we only have a 1 bed apartment.

Plus thinking about all the stuff we need, not having the space for it and also not having a support system we can get hand-me-downs from is very very daunting!

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I was thinking about that this week actually. I will have to get new clothes for LO regardless of if it's a boy or girl. A&A were born in winter and it'll still be in the 80's here in Sept... We have the nursery all set as we have two extra baby beds at my moms that A&A will be done with by Sept, so one will come here and one will stay there. I'm going to use the same nursery decor for this one, and A&A are gonna get new toddler bedding. We still have both infant carseats, but got rid of the swings and bouncies. I've been looking at the swing and bouncy/rocker combos this time. And instead of a new high chair, I'm just gone get A&A boosters.