My 8 week dr appointment

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My 8 week dr appointment

Had my first doctors appointment today. She didn't do another exam since it hasn't been that long since my last exam!! (miscarried baby in nov)
She had lab draw lots of blood and hopefully I'll find out about it in a day or two. I get to set up an ultrasound appointment... I'm 8 weeks so I might wait 2 more weeks??? I don't know!!! I want to see some action!!! Lol but then again I want to get in ASAP to see if there's a heart beat.*

I go to a high risk doctor Friday because I have some heart problems.

And also I've been spotting a little bit. Brown.*

I guess that's it for me for now!

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Good luck, Star. I'm holding thumbs, fingers and toes that everything stay fine and that this LO is strong and healthy.