My "late" baby

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My "late" baby

Sorry I haven't written but I actually didn't deliver my baby until OCT 4th!! They had set me up for an induction but I had already went into natural labor but needed a boost. Well I ended up needing an emergency Csection. We had two close calls with her and the last was the one they said nope no more labor. Thank god I went with an epidural so I didn't have to be knocked out and could hear her first cry. Well everything went to crap after I was discharged. My csection opened up 10 hours after being discharged and I'm still battling the wound. But I will be happy to say that it's soo much better than it was. Just been really busy going to the hospital for wound care plus trying to take care of my two girls.

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Congratulations! I'm glad you are both fine in the end!