NT scan and update!

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NT scan and update!

Well, we had our NT scan on Friday and everything is looking great! Baby was sleeping and sucking it's thumb! So cute! Everything came back great and baby is measuring about 4 days ahead right now. I think we are in store for another stubborn LO! Hahaha! It took awhile for baby to cooperate, and I know it's super early but baby wasn't even going to let us get a peak in and had legs not only crossed but also tucked under its butt. :rolleyes: looks like someone is getting some sugar before our big ultrasound! ROFL

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Glad everything went well. Great news Smile

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Glad to hear all went well. My LO was kicking up a storm during the NT scan, so it took a while! LOL to getting sugar next time.

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Yes lots of sugar! LOL That is to funny.

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lol to sugar!! My LO was kicking and jumping all around. So glad your visit went well!

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Sounds like everyone's little ones are doing great and right on target!