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Old name was Rebekah_21

Hi I am not sure if any of you ladies remember me, but when I had access to a computer I used to come on here a lot... I have been a member since before my first was born and that was back in Oct. 06. I have also had 2 children after her as well. My 2nd DD was born in Nov. 10, and my 1st son was born in Feb. 12 and now I am due with my 2nd son end of sept/first week in oct.

I havent been on here in what feels like forever, but incase you remember me I thought I would give you an update...

My pregnancy has been very rough and most def not like my other ones. I had a really bad kidney infection, which I didnt know I had and bc of it I got very sick and ended up being admitted in the hospital and while I was in there I went into heart failure, my oxygen dropped, and my blood pressure was very low.. all while this was going on the baby was monitored very closely and I must say he is one strong little one bc he is perfectly fine.

I am not allowed to do much and that makes it hard and not being able to take care of my own kids and watching someone else having to do most of everything for them is one of the hardest things ever. Its been very rough.

I have about 7 weeks left and then hopefully things will be back to normal... I hope.

Anyways I hope you ladies are well:)

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Goodness! I'm so sorry you have had such a rough time. I'm struggling with feeling like I can't do all these fun things with DD before baby gets here because I'm so sore and uncomfortable. I can only imagine how hard it would be to have to rely on others to help for medical reasons. ((Bighugs)). At least we are almost done.

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:bigarmhug: That must be hard. Welcome back though Smile

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I can only imagine. I'm glad you are doing better now though, and that LO is well. I have a hard time dealing with the fact I can't help much with my twins now. When I do try to help out, I wear out so easily that I don't get to do much. They are 2 1/2 and have taken to saying "Mommy doesn't feel well," and "Mommy's belly hurts". I miss being able to do everything with them.

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Welcome back! Yeah pregnancy.org deleted my old account that I had when I was preggo with my first and second so this is a new account for me as well. My screen name was cristina82 originally. Your screen name sounds familiar.
I'm sooooo sorry you are having so many problems this pregnancy! So glad you and LO were able to pull thru! Not long now and we will be meeting our new babies!