Painful morning sickness?

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Painful morning sickness?

So I hit 7 weeks yesterday and bam, hello crazy morning sickness. But this is different than what I had with DD. last time it was just nausea and occasionally throwing up. But since yesterday it's nausea but my stomach is cramping like I'm about to puke all day and night. It even woke me up last night it was so painful. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm thinking of asking my doc about this on Tuesday if it doesn't get better. I teach 1st grade and have a 2 year old to look after, I can't be hunched over in pain for the next 7 weeks Sad

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Maybe you have a stomach bug... ?

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That sounds terrible. I haven't heard of m/s being painful before. I hope it's a bug that will be out of your system really soon!

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Sounds like a stomach bug. Make sure you drink lots of water and if it gets too bad, an ER visit might make you feel better with an IV.