Pregnant still....

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Pregnant still....

I'm still pregnant folks!! I have no idea why!!! This little girl is one hardheaded girl. I thought it was a go Monday night. Woke up my husband, finished the last little things in my bag and took my DD to my mother's house. Only to have the very strong contractions that were almost on top of each other slow to a stop almost at the hospital. The doctor swepted my membrances on thur and she had no idea why I wasn't in labor yet. She stretched me to 4cms and I'm 50% effaced. Been having irregular contractions off and on but to be honest it's been like that for a month lol.

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She's super comfy!!!

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I SWEAR I replied to this earlier. I guess cyberspace ate my post. lol

Your mommy is ready to meet you little girl! Come on out and join the world. Smile