Question for regular ovulators :)

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Question for regular ovulators :)

Hi ladies.
A question for people who ovulate.

I'm 8 DPO now, and having a few symptoms. My breast and nipples are sore (I only have ever had that happen when I was pregnant before), I'm EXHAUSTED, I'm nauseous off and on, gassy and constipated, and having headaches and dizziness, all of those for the last two days.
And since I ovulated, I've been different degrees of bloated and crampy. It was iffy the day of, then really bad the next two days, then since has been just mild bloating, pressure, and twinge-y cramps.

Since I don't normally ovulate, I'm not sure what of those are normal ovulatory symptoms, and when ovulatory symptoms end, and when I should start looking at these as 'real' symptoms. If that makes sense. I'm just tracking everything for now.

When do ovulatory symptoms usually stop? Are these ovulatory symptoms or more? Does the clomid play any effect on these at this point?
Any ideas ladies?

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:lurk: I've never been on Clomid, but I've heard that it increases your symptoms and a lot of people feel like they're having pregnancy symptoms because of it.

The only symptoms I've ever had with ovulating, is it feels like someone punched me, right in the gut. It's quick, but it hurts and I know it's time. Smile Good luck to you!

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I was on clomid years ago and never felt any increased symptoms asides moodiness Smile I am about 7dpo and real gassy myself. Crossing my fingers for us both!

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I can't speak from a clomid perspective, but my post-O symptoms last up to a couple of days after AF starts. Breast tenderness and bloating are the main stars of the show for me, and the bloating is kind of extreme.. like pulling out the 'fat-pants' extreme.

As long as I've been charting, I've never had an anovulatory cycle, and I do experience all of the symptoms you described. Nausea, breast tenderness and bloating increased in the week after getting a BFP.

pico83 (not verified)

I'm definitely a regular ovulator and I get plenty of symptom around O time and after. I get a ton of O pain, but that ends pretty quickly after O. I do get bloating, some crampiness, nausea, and exhaustion from O until AF or after. I don't get breast tenderness, but I never even get that when pregnant. I haven't noticed a lot of difference in cycles when I've been pregnant and not been pregnant except the exhaustion is a little worse when pregnant.

Good luck!

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I don't really get symtoms, but Clomid will increase symptoms because your progesterone should be higher on Clomid. Hopefully your symptoms are the real thing, though