That was rather short lived.

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That was rather short lived.

Today the FRER was even fainter then it has been. It started spotting and now it is full blown bleeding. I am gutted. This is our second chemical in a row.

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I wish I could reach out and super hug you, sweetie. I'm sooo soo sorry you're struggling with this again Sad

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Oh no!! NOT FAIR!!! I'm so sorry honey! This is terrible! Sad

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I'm so sorry. This totally stinks. Sad

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I am so sorry. I hate it that you have to go through this today. Hopefully the New Year will bring you a sticky bean!

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Sad I am so very sorry!! Big huge hugs!!

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I'm sorry this happenned to you again. I am wishing you well and hope you get your next BFP soon. Call your doctor too..

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I am so sorry Sad

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I am so very sorry Sad :bighug:

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I'm sorry. :bighug:

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Nooo! I am so sorry!! :bigarmhug:

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Sad Big hugs. So sorry you're going through this again and so soon.