Is it that time already?!
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Thread: Is it that time already?!

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    Default Is it that time already?!

    According to my O date, I will be 12 weeks tomorrow! (though according to my OB I'm 13.5 weeks.... I'm gona stick with O, since I know that for sure) I can hardly believe its time for us to start entering our 2nd tri! It feels like I just found out I was expecting. Boy has it gone fast for me this time.

    Originally I was going to make our FB announcement when I entered te 2nd tri, but I think I'm going to hold off just a little while longer. All of our family and closest friends know. But I want to wait until I hear the hb one more time next Friday. It happened so easy for us this time that I guess I still expect something to go wrong. I'm still having ms, so that's a good sign, right?

    How is everyone else feeling as the 2nd tri approaches?
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    Well I'm so tired and nauseous. I cannot wait for all this to lighten up. I really just want my energy back!
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    I am really hope my all day morning sickness is starting to ease up. With my DD, it went away by 10 weeks. It has gone by fast and I'm like you, happened so easy this time. But all the nurses and dr's have told me that us infertility patients bodies remb what being pregnant was so it's easier the next time. I will be happy once I feel him/her moving!
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    I can't wait to feel him/her moving either! I was only 14 weeks when I felt DS1 and 16 when I felt DS2, so hopefully it'll be any day now. I feel a lot more confident now that I've had an u/s and heard the HB.
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    We are waiting to tell everyone else until after our ultrasound on the 19th. I feel like my tiredness is starting to ease up. Still there but it's not as intense. Looking forward to having a bit more energy and enthusiasm really.
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    I don't know if I can say it went fast. This will be my sixth child so the sickness hasn't gotten any easier to deal with in fact I will say it is more intense. I feel some what better, but like you guys I am happy to be entering the second tri too. I am weeks and three days so all little excited to be moving along. I also have another scan on Tuesday so I don't know when I will make the announcement to our friends and family. I mean after having so many kids it's kind of like, oh yeah your having another baby.
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