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Waiting game

Welp the doctor's appointment went very well today but I found out that the pressure and cootie pains had a reason. She checked the baby's fluid and she looked good. Then she checked me and I'm 3 dilated and 25% effaced and soft! She said that if it wasn't for my husband leaving today, they would induce me today because I'm ripe for it. She said if I don't go into labor by next Monday for my appointment, I can pick a day for induction.

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Yay! Hate you are feeling the pressure though cause it sucks! My appt is tomorrow I have been having horrible contractions and lost plug last night so we shall see if I have dilated more by tomorrow. He did tell me he would probably induce this week cause of GD but he was hoping I would go on my own.

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Oh, exciting!!!

I myself have had no progression the past two weeks. The week before I had been feeling pressure and had an increased number of BH. All I have to show for it is a fingertip's dilation. Last night I started to get excited... I had 3 relatively strong contractions in 15 min. Then another one in 10, then one more 10 later but it was weaker.... then 15 min later. Then I went to the restroom and laid in bed and they stopped. :/ I'm hoping they pick back up or become more regular throughout the day between now and my appt on Friday. If I'm not showing any signs by then, I'm sure she will mention possibly scheduling a c-sec-- not for next week, but the week after. My baby has a deadline to appear on his/her own in order to have the VBAC I want.

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We're getting so close! I'm so ready!

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There's stuff happening for everyone!! Love it. I've been having contraction on and off now (usually every evening) for two weeks now.
Have had some good amounts of pressure and AF like cramps the past two days though, so hopefully they're doing something to my cervix.
Looking forward to hearing more updates from everyone!!