And we're off!

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And we're off!

Off BC that is!

Had my implanon removed Friday the 23rd. And my LMP had started the 20th.

All this talk of charting and OPKs kind of intimidates me. It's like a whole different language. With DS1 and DS2 we were JLIH, if you even want to call it that. More like, married and still undecided about birth control. I'm feeling nervous that since this pregnancy (to-be) is more planned/timed out, it won't happen as quickly. And since I'm not used to this anticipation, I'm already driving DH crazy, lol.

Haha, BTW, I'm Jess. DH and I have two awesome boys, Shane (3) and Kyle (2). We are hoping to add one more!

Looking forward to getting to know you all. Hoping we all get to stay here in September!!

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How exciting!!! Good for you!
Lots of good luck to you!! Smile

PS don't worry, i'm pretty sure we all drive our dh's crazy Wink

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Hi Jess!! Welcome!

Charting and opk's are a lot of info at once! Will you be JLIH this time too?

We've got two girls and are trying for one more (last!). Maybe we'll get to share a birth board!'s picture
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Thanks Ladies!

Yes, for the most part we will JLIH. I think I know when (in my cycle) I got pregnant before, so I'm keeping that in mind, but thats about it. I'm sure if I don't get a BFP in a few months ill be a little more proactive.

Good luck to you both! I hope we all stay here!