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What's going on with me

Last weekend I had done something to my hips and I couldn't walk, sit, lay down, move in anyway AT ALL without being in lots of pain. My chiropractor tried to adjust me, but my belly was in the way of where he needed to place my knee. So Friday, Sat, and Sun was horrid. I was seriously wondering how I was going to be able to make it until Sept. Then Monday morning when I went to get up out of bed, they adjusted themselves, thankfully! It didn't feel so great at the time, but in a few hours I felt basically normal.

I have another appt with my OBGYN on Wed. I think I'll have one more appt 2 weeks out, then it's down to every week. :eek: Here's my belly picture from today. Hoping to have my maternity pictures taken next weekend since my photographer's little girl got sick last weekend.


Oh, and on a side note, I FINALLY uploaded our ultrasound pictures to my Sept Space. Smile So ready to meet this LO and be at home with my family. But we don't have everything ready yet, so I will be as patient as possible for now. Smile

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Sorry you were so uncomfortable. I have so much pressure tgat it hurts to walk and get out of bed. Like you I am so reafy to meet her. I am also on the the same schedule as you obe more two week appt and then every week. I hope you continue to feel better.

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Goodness. I totally feel ya! Every time I roll over to try and get out of bed I hear cracking in my hips. Ouch! I'm so ready to meet this little guy. Hope you continue to feel better!

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That sounds awful. I'm glad they've sorted them selves out.
I feel pretty lucky with this pregnancy, it's the best me back and pelvis has ever felt! I had to wear a brace with both the boys, but I've hardly had to break it out with this one. Fingers crossed.

Danielle, you look fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing your maternity pics.