Anyone considering a birth center/home birth/natural birth?

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Anyone considering a birth center/home birth/natural birth?

Since there are a number of BTDT moms here I was wondering if anyone has thought about this already? I had my first 2 in a hospital but w/o meds. We've since moved and there's a birth center an hour from my house. I went to an orientation and I think we're going to go with that. Assuming all progresses normally and low risk like my last two I think it would be the perfect setting for me. Very laid back, maximum stay is 12 hours....

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Not on your board but wanted to chime in. My third was a home birth after 2 hospital births and it was the best experience ever! Seriously, wouldn't want to do it any other way. There is a natural birthing board on here if you haven't checked it out you should. We are slow and need new faces and more activity! I would love to see you over there!

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I had my first in a hospital (with pit and an epidural), had my second at a birth center, and it was great. Since you even if you had another hospital birth you probably wouldn't have meds, it really is about the ambiance and what level of extras (does it make you feel more comfortable to have a NICU in house?) you need. I found the low stress of the birth center to be fantastic (even when the power went out because of a storm that rolled through), also I did not want to be admitted for two days post which is standard in our area.